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Located in Cincinnati,  AllureMD is one of the first Medical Spas to offer and excel in office-based, minimally invasive Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Treatments. We provide the latest in medical technology and our experienced Board Certified Doctors and Health Practitioners will provide you with safe, customized anti-aging options to treat the signs of aging so you look better and feel amazing. We offer a variety of skin revitalization options to meet your personal needs. As a Medical Spa, we offer no gimmicks or false promises. Consultations are with a doctor or qualified medical staff in a private setting. and our recommendations will center on your specific situation and what is achievable with treatment.

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Vampire Face Lift

A facial treatment that uses your own blood plasma to heal the skin’s epidermis from the inside out.
Vampire Face Lift

Priapus Shot for Erectile Dysfunction

Turn back the clock and enjoy more spontaneous sexual relations without having to take medication. A Priapus  Shot uses own blood plasma for a more natural solution to Erectile Dysfunction.

Priapus Shot for Erectile Dysfunction


Decreased sexual fulfillment isn’t something you have to settle for when growing older. Bring back the excitement and enjoyment with a natural treatment that rejuvenates skin tissue and feeling using your own blood plasma with one injection.



Famous with celebrities and often considered the “gold standard”  concerning  wrinkles and deep facial lines.


Laser Hair Removal

IPL Treatments

Micro Needling Dermapen

Micro Needling

 Dermal FillersJuvederm Dermal Fillers medical spa

Photofacial Rejuvenation

Photofacial Rejuvenation medical spa

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels medical spaTeeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening medical spa
If your concerns consist of wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage, indications of aging, or you just want to feel better about yourself, our extremely experienced medical personnel is readily available to customize a treatment plan for your individual requirements.

Vampire Face Lift


Disclaimer: The results may vary from person to person or from product to product

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