Smart Lipo™ Liposuction


Affordable Lipo Starting at $2250 for a single area.

A new, minimally invasive treatment. Smart Lipo™, that uses lasers to melt fat  is now available to replace the “tummy tuck” Without the risks of a surgical procedure (such as the tummy tuck) and when used in combination with standard liposuction, the fat-melting action of laser lipolysis, a minimally invasive treatment, has the added benefit of producing new collagen (collagen is the main protein that gives the skin its tone and texture). Additionally, the laser causes the collagen to contract, which tightens the skin. This tightening alleviates the fear of skin sagging, a common complaint after standard liposuction. Laser lipolysis also enables the removal of more fat than standard liposuction


Description of Service:
Using tumescent anesthesia (under the skin), the physician will numb the area to be treated.  Once the area to be treated is properly numb, the physician will apply a laser to melt the fat and tighten the skin.  Then using small cannulas ( tubes ) the melted fat cells will be suctioned to reduce the unwanted fat cells.  This process usually takes 2-3 hours.  Post op expect minimal  bruising and skin changes that will resolve spontaneously. Typically patients can return to full activity after 2 days.